A unique gathering facility energetically accessible for communing with our higher selves, guides, and God in a non-denominational setting.


Our Mission

To introduce that heaven can be created on earth.  To demonstrate that an alter can enhance your home, your office, wherever you find yourself ready to connect.  Sophys Connection has been designed with spiritual guidance and ultimately you too can experience it here and also learn to create your own sanctuary.  We are at a time in history in which we can create powerful energetic sites.  Our goal is to globally connect these energies, to create bridges of light utilizing labyrinths as well as consciously created sacred gathering locations. 

Sophys Connection intuitively incorporates ancient design elements activating an intergalactic experience.
— Richard Leon, Sphinx Temple Egyptian Mystery School


Facilitated Workshops

  • Light Link - Creating Global Interconnection
  • The Power of Labyrinths
  • Connecting through Your Grief and Loss
  • Guide Intensive - Dynamic Channeling Strategies
  • Creating your own Sacred Space
  • Custom Labyrinth Building
  • Corporate Spiritual Connection


Outdoor Venue Rental

  • Hourly Rental
  • Monthly Recurring Meetings
  • Half Day Rental
  • Full Day Rental
  • Custom Rental