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Teri McCorkle


It all started when...

...actually, when did it all start?

Probably with my Mom - who's quite intuitive yet highly strategic and organized.  She taught me early on to value my essence.  This was hard to embrace growing up in a rural town in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Happily I've learned the value of being ambidextrous - which I equate to the ability to function successfully in both the head and heart worlds.  Neither right or left are dominant so I'm horrible at giving directions!

My day to day world utilizes my left/logical brain in a significant way.  But the really beefy success comes with the fast pace of working for a Global IT Corporation by fully embracing my intuition and creative whispers.  

With a degree in Education, an open heart for connection and the global experience of managing world wide teams and processes - the language of light, the bold notion of energy connectedness has become a life passion.

Today I embrace both aspects and look forward to encouraging others to let go and fall forward into themselves.  Sophys Connection is truly heaven on earth.  My goal is to share its power with you, to remind you to embrace the depths of who you are and ultimately just be.

I look forward to sharing this connection of light with you.